Thursday, September 16

And so it starts (The manifesto)

However you found your way here, congrats on being a part of my first (okay, second) foray into the most potent new medium around -- blogging.

Back up for a second, you say. What on earth am I talking about? "Blogs", or web logs, are usually web sites that feature a person's unique observations and commentary. Anyone can have blog- you, me...anyone. After faithfully reading blogs for nearly a year now, I've decided to jump headlong into the blogosphere.

A few days ago, Hugh Hewitt explained "the power of the tail." The "tail" is essentially the countless blogs, such as this one, who feed off high-traffic blogs and other sites and expand the flow of information exponentially.

I am convinced that blogs are already changing our society, particularly media and politics. Because of this, I've decided that I ought to enter the fray.

And it is to you that I hope to extend the info flow. I want you to think about what I write here. Read it and respond if you think it's absolute crap (or absolutely wonderful).

I'll comment on a variety of things, but I'll try not to waste your time by making this a glorified diary. I'd rather generate discussion on the pressing issues of the day -- news, politics and LSU sports.

I don't pretend to know it all, but I'll attempt to get a handle on some of what's going on in the world and offer my analysis in a clear and simple way. I'll also need your feedback, because thoughtful and spirited discussion keeps us all sharp.


At September 16, 2004 at 7:49 PM, Blogger ricardo said...

Great start! Look forward to visitng often.

At September 16, 2004 at 10:42 PM, Blogger rocky johnson said...

Ditto's...great start. I am encouraged that you use an excellent scripture verse as a subheading--eschewing the typical subtitles using the words 'random'-'musings'-'ramblings' etc. :-)

At September 17, 2004 at 10:25 AM, Blogger publius said...

Congratulation on the start of your blog.
I started following the blogosphere a few months ago and launched my kind of blog which is a sort of news service to fellow Canadians (relatives and friends). We in Canada don't have Fox news or the Rush Limbaugh talk show, so I felt I need to give a summary of what I can find in the blogging world. It is like a 'colouring book' for children but in the political world. Besides that we are second language English speakers so blogging is not going so easily.
I ask you to visit my site - - and give me your opinion if it makes any sense to you or if you see it useful for some people other than bloggers.


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