Tuesday, September 21

The next move

Because of the possible depths to which these accusations reach, I don't think we can afford to abandon the story. But we can't ignore Rick Brady's advice, either. What do we do, Rick? How do we effectively frame the coming Iraq questions while still shining the light on possible CBS-Kerry connections?

You're right in saying this:

"Kerry will rely on the MSM to frame the debate as follows: Bush misled us into an unnecessary quagmire in Iraq, which has ended up costing America dearly in terms of lives, money, and good will from the global community. The war on terrorism is a war and its necessary to fight, but Iraq is a distraction. He will say that he has a plan to get the war back on the right track."

But what can we do to combat this, to alter the framing? Is our only tack a personal one via contacts with friends and family?

The media bigs are ready to close the book on Rathergate. Yet how should the blogosphere invest its resources?

"I'm not saying ignore CBS - really, but we need to watch our flank on this one."

You've been very perceptive on this, Rick. Can you, and everyone else out there, help us flesh out a few more specific action points? I'm at a loss right now.


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