Monday, October 18

HOUSTON- A few days ago, a friend who I haven't spent nearly enough time with lately suggested that we look into tickets for the National League Championship Series. A few minutes later, we had ordered "standing room only" tickets from eBay for what we thought was a good price, and we had decided to skip class Monday to make the trip.

Of course, why make the four hour trip to see just one game (or so his logic went)? We looked the next day and found even cheaper tickets for Sunday's game (we soon realized that we had paid way too much for the first set of tickets, but oh well). My friend's a Cubs fan, so he didn't have a dog in this fight between the Astros and Cardinals, but he's such a baseball fan that the experience of an NLCS itself is worth it. I've been an Astros fan all my life (though sadly, I haven't followed the team as closely this season), and I too was excited about the trip.

Ryne (named after the great Cubs second baseman Sandberg) also found his younger brother tickets for the games, and as they are two of the biggest baseball fans I know I was happy to make the trip with them.

So we're in Houston now- Ryne, Kirby and I- the three of us having seen the Astros defeat the Cardinals 6-5 in game 4 to tie the series and earn the chance to take a serious edge tomorrow night. I'll be back home early Tuesday morning, hopefully one win closer to being able to really care about the World Series for the first time in my life.

That's what's going on with me.

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