Monday, October 4

I post, therefore I am (not toast)

Internet was down at the apartment last night, so this had to wait until I got in to work today.

It's not fun to drive 9 hours each way to see your favorite team embarrass themselves (and their fans), but that's what I did this weekend. LSU was bad...really bad.

Despite my objections, the nine of us left the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter. In our long walk across campus to where we had parked, my friends and I were more verbally abused than I've ever been before. I'm an SEC football fan, so I have thick skin, but the Georgia fans we encountered have no claim to classiness. Maybe LSU fans are just as bad (or worse), but that stuff is never called for.

And please pardon the brief digression, but the city of Athens should do something about the sewage treatment plant near the UGA campus. It does not make a good impression when the first thing visitors notice upon exiting the interstate is the smell of human waste. Needless to say, I don't intend to return to Athens any time soon.

But let's move on to things that really matter, right? Like the supposedly tightening presidential race. Who knows where these poll numbers come from? I still believe Bush is in good shape and that, in the long run (and barring other bizarre events in debates 2 and 3),the first debate will help the President because Kerry's gaffes have staying power.

But who am I kidding: "Barring other bizarre events"? What has this campaign been but a series of bizarre events and irresponsible coverage by the MSM? They're the only reason Kerry,with faux seriousness and a flawed grasp of the War on Terror, is even in the race.

It really is a shame more people won't watch the VP debate on Tuesday night. I believe the differences between Cheney and Edwards could not be starker and that Edwards will, in comparison, be found dreadfully lacking in seriousness. Cheney's no-nonsense approach should cutright through Edwards' plaintiff's attorney meanderings.

More later.