Friday, October 22

I'm declaring this "Proud to be a Republican" day.

I have to have something to make me feel better after my Astros' valiant loss last night. Hats off to the Brady family and their beloved Cards. But my rally cry for the next week: Reverse the curse. Go Sox (sorry Rick). At least we don't have to listen to endless media attempts to draw some significance from a Texas-Massachusetts World Series matchup right before the election.

This gave me chills.
This gave me misty eyes. Bravo, Rick.
This gave me a good laugh.

Yet I'll admit that I'm ashamed I haven't made better use of the opportunity the Internet affords in providing access to ideas and insights I wouldn't otherwise know about. I'm talking specifically about Iraqi bloggers, some of whom were profiled in a telling Wall Street Journal piece by Bruce Chapman yesterday.

Think about how amazing this is! No longer do we have to rely on cynicism and common sense to tell us that our mainstream media isn't giving us the straight deal on Iraq. No, now we can read as real live Iraqis themselves tell us that.

I want to be a regular reader of Iraq the Model, and maybe some more Iraqi blogs that provide such unique insights we are blessed to have access to.

Is Senator Kerry really trying to make us think things are going disastrously? How sad.


At October 22, 2004 at 11:10 AM, Blogger daddyddc said...

You may have seen this already on other sites, but I thought I would refer to it on my blog site here:
I'm with ya on making this "Proud to be a Republican Day". Your links..."This" are awesome, yes. Keep up the good work. From a fellow blogger just across the border from ya in TX.


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