Friday, October 8

The no-net blues

The Internet at my apartment is still down, but I haven't been around there enough the past few days to call and set up a time for Cox Communications to come take care of it. So I'm dashing this entry off before I leave work, and I'll probably have to forego Hugh's symposium (as much as I did want to make an entry).

I'm leaving on the LSU student government bus trip to the game at Florida in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Should be a loooong drive (and geez, I hope we can win this time). Unless my Internet fixes itself, you might not see a new blog entry until Monday, at which time I hope to address the Louisiana Senate race and the results of the election in Australia, which is beginning as I type this.

Until then...geaux tigers!


At October 8, 2004 at 7:04 PM, Blogger ricardo said...


Do you know what's up with the recent La. ruling striking the Constitutional Amendment defining marriage? Local input would be helpful!

CountryTrunkT and I have been e-mailing. He thinks the ruling is sound. If I understand him correctly, perhaps it is. There is really a lack of info on this...



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