Tuesday, October 5

A quickie

Just a few minutes to dash off a blog entry before I dash off to class. Tonight's the VP debate, and I hope you'll all be watching. Hugh Hewitt will be liveblogging it; I didn't keep up with his liveblogging during the first presidential debate, but I may try to follow along with Hugh tonight. It'll be good to get opinion unaffected by post-debate spin; liveblogging offers one of the only opportunities for that.

And Hugh also links to this commentary (via Tim Graham at The Corner ) from the Media Research Center regarding Gwen Ifill, tonight's debate moderator. Is she really the best the commission could come up with?

The blogosphere is making my head spin. So much valuable commentary, so little time to read and evaluate it all. Do I just skim over long posts and further my knowledge of subjects that already interest me? That would seem to defeat one of the main purposes of blogging, which is to call attention to issues not squarely in the public eye.

I'm doing my best to get the pulse of the blogosphere each day, but it ain't easy. Rick Brady suggests that I sleep less.

As to Rick's request for my input on Mark D. Roberts' series, look for it later in the week. I haven't gotten around to reading much of the blogs' input on this, but it's a subject in which I'm very interested.

Fall break's coming up, so only a day and a half of school left. Off to class till 8 p.m. Hopefully my Internet will be fully functional again tonight.


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