Friday, October 1

Reaction shot

Well, I'm off to Athens, Georgia, very shortly for the LSU-Georgia game tomorrow at 2:30 on DNCBS. Big game- it seems like a lot of people are picking the Tigers, and we seem poised for a big win and Georgia for a stumble, but I know they're out for blood after losing twice to us last year. Should be a good one.

As for my debate reaction? I'd like to one day do an experiment where I'd watch a debate with some people, and then immediately turn off the TV (and Tivo the talking heads). Then, we'd discuss the debate, note our observations, then watch the media's take. I suspect it would be quite different.

Yes, I thought Bush looked a little tired, and at times got almost shrill and defensive. On the whole, though, he was straightforward and on-message. This is the same President Bush we've seen for four years. As for Kerry? He came across well, even almost non-overbearing. He was tolerable. This won't hurt the president, and I don't think it'll help Kerry that much. Kerry may have won on style, but he clearly loses on substance. Smart people disagree on things, and in this case Kerry was just wrong on many issues (not the least of which was his tragically flawed misperception of nature of the War on Terror - "Saddam didn't attack us").

Apparently, also, Kerry "looked presidential." I'm not sure what that means, though I suspect people look at him and instantly think of currency. Seriously, pull out a $20 and tell me he doesn't look like Jackson. Alas, I digress.

It appears that the Bush team is trying to make the "global test" line stick. I think that'll gain traction and could prove damaging in the days ahead. On the other hand, I don't think Bush gave Kerry any "bulletin board material", but I could be wrong.

I'll be gone until Sunday, so check Hugh and Matt for the latest. In the meantime, I might try to post an update or two from Athens if I can figure out how to e-mail a post from my phone.


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