Friday, October 15

Something struck me the other day, something that I'm sure I'm not the first one to note. If you find a post that explains this concept more clearly, please leave a comment with the link.

If you live in a non-swing state, as I do, you've probably heard people griping that their votes don't count.


I don't care if the president's going to carry 65% in your state. Go vote. While your vote may not influence your state's outcome, it will impact the national popular vote tally.

Why is this important? Because results from several states in this election are destined for the courtroom. These legal battles will, more than anything, be waged in the court of public opinion. If Bush carries 52% or 53% nationwide to Kerry's 46%, the Democrats will be far more reluctant to challenge the results because it would create (or reinforce) a disastrous image for the party.

If, on the other hand, the results are within a percent or two (or if Kerry wins the popular vote), it'll be Florida times 20. There could be an all-out legal war, far nastier than what we saw in November and December 2000. You thought you were sick of hearing about chads? Just wait.

So if you or anyone you know isn't taking his or her vote seriously because "it doesn't matter" (or if, like 2 of my friends, they are considering casting a "protest" vote against the president because of a single issue like immigration or the minimum wage), kindly explain this scenario to them.

Remember: if it's not close, they can't cheat.


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