Wednesday, October 6

Strong stuff

I remember eagerly watching nearly every minute of the 2000 Republican National Convention, the first convention to occur after I fell in love with politics. For some reason (my naivete, I suppose), I was watching ABC's coverage on the Wednesday night that Dick Cheney gave his acceptance speech. And I remember George Stephanopoulos (I think) introducing me to a concept that, for me, defines Dick Cheney: gravitas (As in: "Cheney adds gravitas to the ticket").

I would hear about gravitas again two years later in Ancient Western Civilization my first semester in college. I didn't take that class seriously enough, but that at least caught my attention- the concept of seriousness, weightiness, importance.

That's what I saw again from Cheney last night. Hugh and the Powerline boys had high marks for Cheney. As for Edwards? One word: indistinguished, much like his career.

Hugh also had praise for the president's speech today, which I didn't get to see and haven't had a chance to read. I hope to do so tonight so I can post my analysis of it.


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