Friday, October 29

The weekend is here, and for me it couldn't have come soon enough.

This post won't be anything groundbreaking because my brain is fried from spending God-only-knows-how-long obsessing over my election forecast paper for my Campaigns and Elections class. I am officially sick of this campaign, and I don't think the paper turned out that well.

Just a few thoughts:

- I don't know if you caught any media coverage of the Kerry-Springsteen rally in Madison, Wisc., from yesterday. I had read Ann Althouse's blog coverage of it (also here) at Instapundit before I saw it on the news, and the two accounts contrasted starkly. This Yahoo account (from AFP) is laughter-inducing compared to Ann's, and I caught a few minutes of CNN this morning where the reporting was also rah-rah Kerry. Who knows- maybe it was hard for Ann to get a true sense of what the large rally was like, but I'd be more inclined to trust her than the MSM.

- I saw a few minutes of Hardball Wednesday night. Reminded me why I hardly watch TV news anymore. Some of the most biased stuff I've ever seen- glossed over blatant Kerry hypocrisy and tried to present Ron Reagan as some kind of objective correspondent.

Anyway, my election forecast: Bush 301, Kerry 237, with a 3-seat GOP Senate pickup. I got lost in the analysis under a crushing overload of data, so I came out with some bizarre picks. Ohio for Kerry? PA for Bush? What on earth was I thinking?

Like I said, my brain is fried right now.

I'm off to do dinner and a movie to try to forget about this week.


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