Wednesday, October 20

Well, the jaunt to Houston was more successful than I could have hoped. We got to see some excellent baseball, including The Greatest Game Nobody Saw on Monday night.

Back to St. Louis for game(s) 6/7. I think the Astros are making a wise move in starting Pete Munro instead of Clemens Wednesday. Give the Rocket his rest, and if you need him, he'll be ready for game 7. We might get a Backe-like performance from Munro and have Roger on the mound for game 1 at Fenway or the Yank. What great theater that would be.

As much as I would otherwise want to see the Red Sox win, in a perverse and selfish way I'm pulling for the Yankees. I don't want to have to pull against the Red Sox if my Astros make it to the Series. If they face the Yankees, all of America (outside of the Bronx) would become Houston fans, but pity the poor team that takes on the sentimental favorite.

God bless the tangled emotions of the annual October soap opera that somehow manages to be so very meaningful and meaningless all at once. And Rick, we'll see who's on the wrong side of history tomorrow night. Geez, that's gonna come back and bite hard. I know better than to trash talk.

I had a good feeling last week about the three midterms and one paper I turned in. Results today: an A in PR case studies, a B+ on the paper and a very disappointing 83 in Mass Media Law, with my Political Communication exam still pending. It's encouraging but sickening to hear a professor say he "expected more from you, but I mean that in a good way." I'm really not sure what went wrong there. I had such a good feeling about that test.

But it's just one grade; law school's still very much in the picture if I so desire.


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