Wednesday, October 27

Wow, so much going on- I don't know where to start. Again, here we go with the "best laid plans" thing. I'll just try to hit it all.

- Drudge is doing the siren thing again. Wow, twice in one day. This time he links to a Bill Gertz article set to run tomorrow in the (Good) Times with Pentagon deputy undersecretary Jack Shaw claiming the Russians moved weapons from Iraq, including HMX and RMX. Why wasn't this (then a Financial Times article) siren-worthy when Drudge linked to it earlier this afternoon? (HT Rick).

Looks like the October surprise may be backfiring on the DemSM. Shaw said it's "almost certain" the Russians were involved in this. Does "almost certain" still mean what it used to mean? And who is Jack Shaw? A quick Googling revealed this DoD release clearing the air about Shaw's rumored involvement in rigging telecom contracts in Iraq. And this site has more, but I'm not sure how trustworthy it is.

- Excellent post from MattCrash! today. Pay attention to the last few paragraphs on why he's voting for the president. This is good stuff:

"...politics has a lot in common with a middle-class Christmas list. Santa can only bring you so much, so you better pick the important stuff. Anything below that is something you fight for on your on."

It gets better. Read it.

- Also, this from Matthew Heidt at Froggy Ruminations (via Rick). Very interesting hypothesis, and it looks to be a very solid blog overall.

- Oh, and this via Hugh. Nice work by Dick McDonald- good perspective on some key numbers.

Maybe now I can post about the LA Senate race (before I get crackin' on a massive paper for my Campaigns and Elections class due Friday). And, I promise, the post is coming on the LA marriage amendment. I did get to talk to one of the lawyers today and got some more perspective.


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