Monday, November 1

I think the Kerry discharge story is a non-factor. The blogosphere is once again asking all the right questions, but with polls beginning to open in just over 12 hours, the MSM doesn't even have to try to stifle this. Too many other things to talk about (that's not to say it stopped them from "breaking" DUI-gate in 2000, though).

Another excellent piece from MattCrash!, who once again writes movingly and convincingly in stating the case for re-election:

"This is not about the economy or health-care. It is about no Beslans in Birmingham. It is about no more 9/11s. It is about no more Bali bombings, no more Khobar towers, no more USS Coles. The choice is ours to make."

Please read the rest. More great stuff from a guy who dubbed Michael Moore "the venereal disease of the body politic." I'm still laughing about that, Matt.

So much information out there, so little time. Check out The Horserace Blog for an interesting (and esoteric) perspective, and Kerry Spot at NRO for rapid-fire analysis and some inside info.


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