Thursday, November 11

I was starting to question my position in the Specter debate, but Hugh's latest Weekly Standard column brought me back. It is a solid, concise and compelling argument.

And if you're just entering the Specter conversation, check out Rick Brady's post compiling much of the relevant information and discussion to date.

Kudos to Rick for appearing on Hugh's radio show. I'm anxious to read his thoughts.


At November 13, 2004 at 10:23 AM, Blogger ricardo said...

I'm tired and might be getting sick. Also, I have a paper due Monday and I haven't really started. So... My thoughts?

Hugh works the keyboard like a machine. He is a freak with Technorati and his e-mail. He's always checking technorati to see who's linking to him and "shlagging" him. I had no idea I'd be on for 10 minutes. Just went to say hi, then he told me to grab a seat at an open mic next to him. We talked about blogging and my career as a planner. It was pretty fun. Then we got on air and we talked about blogging, Specter, and then back to my job as a planner. Afterwards he said he had a lot of fun. I had lots of fun as well.

If I had any prep or hint about the questions he was going to ask, I would have thought through my answers a little better. But oh well, no show prep, just winged it.

Those are my thoughts. I'm working on a couple of posts that incorporate a couple of things from my time with Mr. Hewitt.

Don't get too down that the LSU paper didn't publish your work. It's on the web and I'm glad to have had the chance to read it. Keep on fighting.


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