Tuesday, November 2

Less than two hours ago, I proudly cast my vote to re-elect President Bush.

I arrived at my precinct in our solidly Republican area at 10:50 with my parents. I'm still registered at their home address because I split time between there and my apartment in Baton Rouge, 25 miles west.

We waited for about 50 minutes before we reached the booths. I'm encouraged by the strong turnout (strongest any of us could remember) in an area that will go solidly for Bush. I think this may bode well for the President's support across the nation.

I'll post a few pictures later.

Meanwhile, story of the day: My mom kept commenting on the length of the line and how provisions should be made to allow the elderly to vote quickly. Sure enough, as we got close to the poll commissioners' table, Mom noticed an older man shuffling away from the line back to the parking lot. Assuming (correctly) that he had been unable to wait in such a long line, she alerted one of the officials and asked if any provisions could be made. Apparently the regulations allowed it, as the commissioner raced out to the parking lot to the man's car (about 100 yards away) as we watched through the open doors. She convinced him to come back inside and he joined the head of the line. Not sure who he was voting for, but I'm glad he was able to vote.

These days on which our national consciousness is so fixated on one thing are rare and should be treasured.

KerrySpot has good coverage today.

Drudge says the first wave of exit polls show Kerry competitive in key states. It will be a long and ugly day.

Keep praying.


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