Tuesday, November 2

A letter to Senator Kerry

Dear Sen. Kerry,

I'll keep this brief, honest, and to the point.

First, let me thank you for your brave service to our nation in Vietnam.

I do not believe you are an evil man, and I believe you want what is best for America. I think, however, that our worldviews are very different and that we disagree on what exactly our country needs.

You're not my favorite person. I disagree with many of your policy ideas and find a few aspects of your character unappealing.

Having said that, I don't hate you.

If you win the presidential election, I will support you. Whether or not I share your beliefs, I am grateful for the gift of our nation and would never wish to undermine its value.

I ask you to do the same, sir. Please, no matter what happens on Tuesday and the days that follow, remember that we are all Americans. Examine your heart and decide how far you are willing to go in challenging the results if, in fact, you do not win. Is it worth it if you destroy our faith in our system?

I urge you, Senator Kerry, to show leadership and choose the path of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford if you find yourself in a situation similar to theirs- on the short end of a close election. Please do not choose the path of Al Gore.

And if you win, sir, I pledge to support you, pray for you, and honor you as my president. We may rarely agree, but there are civil ways to disagree- ways that strengthen and do not weaken our system.

Please make us proud, Senator Kerry. Honor the legacy of those who died to preserve the American ideal. Remember that if you win, you are the president of all Americans, not just those who voted for you. Please do not allow your supporters to threaten the legitimacy of our frail yet resilient electoral system that relies so much on integrity.

God speed to you, and may the best man win fairly, clearly, and convincingly.


At November 2, 2004 at 5:27 PM, Blogger GA Dean said...

Josh: Great posts, both this and the letter to President Bush. As other bloggers have pointed out, there will be a great many disappointed voters in the country tomorrow, not matter what the result. The easy and natural inclination is to let anger and bitterness take control. You've urged our leaders to steer us away from that trap, and I hope they do. In any case, we in the blog community can set a good example. Keep it up!

GA Dean


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