Tuesday, November 2

My last night before the election was fairly uneventful.

-As I mentioned previously, tomorrow is the first chance I'll ever have to cast a vote for president. I'm thrilled and honored to be able to support George W. Bush.

I stayed up late tonight following the bizarre happenings in South Dakota. In case you haven't heard, late Monday Tom Daschle filed suit against John Thune in an effort to ban Republican poll watchers from polling places today. His evidence was weak and his arguments weaker, and in the end all the judge said was that the poll watchers could no longer record license plate numbers of voters.

Can he do that? Aren't license plate numbers public information? It's quite a stretch to say that constitutes voter intimidation.

Daschle v. Thune has all the details. Scroll down and read the blow-by-blow description of the hearing last night- it was highly entertaining.

By the way, the judge was a friend of Daschle's - nominated by Daschle to the federal bench - and served as Daschle's lawyer when Daschle successfully defended his narrow win in a 1978 congressional race. How is that not a conflict of interest?

Line of the night, via Irreconcilable Musings: "My God, Tom. Even George McGovern lost with more dignity."

The consensus is that such tactics indicate the Daschle campaign is in panic mode.

-I also watched a replay on CSPAN of the president's late-night rally at SMU in Dallas last night. Good stuff. He seemed to linger at the lectern, just for a bit, after finishing his remarks. Savoring the moment as he wrapped up his last campaign, I suppose.

As he worked the crowd before leaving, the loudspeakers blared George Strait's Heartland:

"Sing a song about the heartland,
The only place I feel at home.
Sing about the way a good man
Works until the daylight's gone.
Sing the rain on the roof on a summer night
Where they still know wrong from right.
Sing a song about the heartland.
Sing a song about my life."

Great stuff, followed by a recent favorite of mine- Pat Green's Wave on Wave. I'm glad a friend introduced me to Pat's music- I now consider myself a big fan.
-And I pulled out the tape of the president's convention speech from two months ago. So moving, so earnest. I just watched the last 10 minutes because I think that was one of his finest moments as president. He was visibly moved, nearly to the point of tears, as he told of the courage and sacrifice of those military families. What a moment.

-I'll be bloghopping and liveblogging as the returns roll in tonight. Check back here and share any insights, and I'll share anything interesting I come across.

-My prediction? A solid Bush win, but both campaigns will declare victory tonight. It would make for some great theater if the consequences weren't so dang grave.

-By the way, this is worth remembering.


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