Sunday, November 21

The NBA is shocked - shocked, I tell you - that its model-citizen players would be involved in such a brutal melee.

Show of hands: who didn't see this coming?

When you've got pampered multimillonaires who never gained the maturity and perspective of four years of college and who expect the world to bow at their feet playing a fast-paced, high intensity game in the charged environment of a heated rivalry where class and sportsmanship have no apparent value and while the refs and the league look the other way regarding a host of various transgressions, well, my friend, it's only a matter of time before a few loudmouth fans who, in all fairness, feel like they ought to be part of the game considering what they paid for their tickets and who've had a few too many to drink and whom security allows to get away with all sorts of foul trash-talking of the players get frustrated, too, and prepare join in any developing brouhaha.

Now look at the mess you've got.

Another toast to cluelessness...


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