Tuesday, November 2

So much for my idea of liveblogging. The lack of battleground calls so far has made the coverage, well, a bit boring.

The nets appear to be very cautious in calling states. Smart move, I guess, but it's made things a little dull.

But things look good in Florida. And, according to Drudge, in Ohio (but take that memo with a grain of salt).

I might post pictures later, or tomorrow. Or I might not. They're nothing groundbreaking- just people standing in line.

Anyway, the friends I'm watching the returns with are wondering why FoxNews hasn't called CA yet for Kerry. Do they know something- is his lead not wide enough by their standards?

The gap in PA continues to narrow. Why was it called so early?

Vitter is doing very well in LA. He may have been helped by heavy rains that doused the New Orleans area today.

So nervous. But we must not be anxious. Thank you Rick for the reminder.


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