Wednesday, November 3

Thank you, Senator Kerry. You have earned much respect in my eyes today, and please do not interpret this as condescension. I was hoping for a conciliatory attitude no matter the outcome of the race.

I urge the Senator today to call on his supporters to put aside the bitter divisiveness of the past four years. It's unlikely they will, though, as most of them were not voting for Kerry so much as they were voting against the President.

Says AP:

Kerry told Bush the country was too divided, the source said, and Bush agreed. "We really have to do something about it," Kerry said according to the Democratic official.

Amen to that. Thank you, Lord, that we appear to have avoided another nightmare recount scenario. I am so proud of the Bush team for waiting to declare victory- an earlier claim would have been unnecessary and only added to the tension.

And I am so very grateful and respectful of the Senator for accepting defeat graciously. May we please put this campaign behind us?

There are early signs of soul-searching in the Democratic party. This is a good thing. A stronger, more moderate Democratic party would benefit us all.

Can we at least all agree that Michael Moore is a destructive force upon our republic?

I call on all Democrats to repudiate that wing of their party. It benefits no one.

I can't honestly say that the interests of the GOP are as beholden to extremist views as the Democratic party appears to be, but many would argue differently. I hope President Bush takes pains to begin to reconcile the deep division in our nation by first remembering that he is the president of all Americans, not just those in red states and counties.

My take on the election is short, and I'll leave it to folks smarter than me to tell us what really happened in the coming months:

Some have argued that the President succeeded in making this race a referendum on his opponent, whereas re-election campaigns are usually a referendum on the incumbent. Yet I believe this race was very much a referendum on the president. As evidenced by his clear win in the popular vote and the strong turnout, Americans have measured these men and more of them have found the President worthy. They have found his leadership in war reassuring, his vision at home acceptable, and his character as a man deserving of four more years.

But "mandate" or not, let's all remember that there were 55 million people who disagreed with us. That's a lot. Gloating will help no one. Let's please be gracious and reach out in humility to our fellow Americans.


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