Monday, December 13

Members of LSU student government received an e-mail this morning from the LSU student body president, who is one of about 20 members on the chancellor search committee and is the lone student representative. It said, in part (it's considered an open record so I'm not "leaking" anything):

To briefly address questions regarding the process

of this selection and its unfortunate timing, I'll

start off by saying that no one on the selection

committee anticipated a move this quickly on any

individual candidate. A great deal of effort has

been devoted all semester toward the recruitment

of strong candidates for the chancellor position

and, as a result, we have roughly 20 formal

applications. Various individuals have been in

touch with Mr. O'Keefe over the past several weeks,

hoping to convince him to become a candidate. He

applied for the position on Friday of this past

week and, in an effort to indicate our strong

interest in his candidacy, the decision was made

to immediately invite him to campus for an

interview. As you may have realized by the level

of national media coverage of LSU and Mr. O'Keefe

that occurred over the weekend, it is not in his

or the university's best interest to delay this


The "unfortunate timing" reference alludes to the fact that final exams ended Saturday and most students have gone home for the Christmas break. And it looks like the O'Keefe-to-LSU deal is anything but done.

Speaking of finals, I think I did OK. I still have a shot at a 4.0 for the semester, but I also have a "shot" at about a 3.2. My Media and Politics grade was posted this morning; I somehow swung an A, which is a relief because that's one class I was most concerned about (it was challenging and anything less than an A wouldn't look too good on a political communication major's transcript).


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